Nevada Western Firearms LLC, specializing in antique guns and reproduction old-west firearms for Cowboy Action Shooting.


~ Pistols ~

NEVADA WESTERN FIREARMS LLC specializes in locating the finest in Antique and Reproduction Pistols and Revolvers for CAS (Cowboy Action Shooting).

Whether you’re looking for an original 1st gen. Colt SAA or modern reproduction clone, NWF will locate and purchase the firearm you desire. Give NWF a call, and we will find that individual gun for you at the best possible price.Antique Winchesters, Colts, S&W, Marlin or Sharps, NWF has the contacts and resources to find virtually any original CAS revolver through our Locating Service.

We represent modern reproductions of CAS handguns from Colt, S&W, Taurus/Rossi, EMF, Cimarron, Uberti and Beretta as well as most other current firearms manufacturers and suppliers. Most Modern Guns are Special Ordered to meet the individual needs of our clients.

At the customer’s request, any CAS revolver can be customized to your needs, including competition action jobs, sights, grips or finish. Please call NWF for pricing and to place orders.

Custom Display Cases Built To Order.

ROHRBAUGH Firearms Dealer All Rohrbaughs must be special ordered through the Dealer We carry the R9 Standard and blacked out Stealth models in 9mm and .380(available with or without sights) and the Robar .We also sell All Rohrbraugh accessories, holsters, springs,magazines, etc. Call for pricing and to order.

NWF has access to a limited number of NIB old style Ruger, Stainless, Birdsheads, and Plow Handle grips, Rosewood and simulated Ivory. Call for availability and prices.

We are distributers for TASER. Please call for available models and prices.

Our inventory changes daily on Antique Original guns, so please call for latest additions.

All of our antique firearms as well as those rare custom pieces suitable for high caliber collections will be in shootable, serviceable condition.

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1860 Colt Army


S&W 2000 Schofield

Colt 1911's


Colt SAA


Remington Derringer

S&W Pocket Pistol

S&W Schofield


Ruger MK II


Custom Cases

S&W Schofields

Cases SAA 45's

Colt SAA

Ruger New Model Vaquero


Colt SAA


S&W Lemon Squeezer


Colt Armys 1860 NIB

22 Mag Cylinder


Kel Tec P.380


Ruger Redhawk Alaskan

S&W M29
.44 mag

9mm Makarov

Colt SSA .45


colt .45 Colt SAA BP Frame

colt .45 Custom 3rd gen Colt SAA 45 Pair

colt .45 Ruger LCP .380 semi auto pistol with one 6 round magazine

colt .45 Charter Arms Pink Lady 2.5" 38 spl +p

colt .45 Charter Arms Lavender Lady 2.5" 38 spl+p

Rohrbaugh ROHRBAUGH Firearms